Advanced Style

POSTED September 25, 2014

Advanced Style

After a brief, unplanned hiatus due to a back injury I’m sick of talking about, we are BACK! And there’s no better way to kick of springtime than a bit of a giveaway.

I’ve been following Advanced Style on Instagram for as long as I can remember. Based on Ari Seth Cohen’s famed blog of the same name, Advanced Style paints intimate and colourful portraits of independent, stylish women aged 62 to 95 who are challenging conventional ideas about beauty, ageing and Western culture’s increasing obsession with youth.

Their eclectic personal style drew me in and always brings a smile to my face – however it’s their vital spirit and approach to ageing that is so fascinating and inspiring.

Simply head to @chelscanlan on Instagram, and like this post and you’ll be in the running to receive an in-season double pass to Advanced Style, opening October 2nd at Cinema Nova.

Three are up for grabs so get in quick!