Are You Working?

POSTED November 08, 2016

Are You Working?

I went to my usual grocer last week where I was posed with an annoying question – questions actually. Questions like “do you have the day off?” and “are you working today?” I never know how to answer these – like, do you mean am I getting paid to work today? Do I ever get a day off? How do you define work… It’s not so black and white.

It was an awkward exchange that went a little like this: grocer man = GM me=ME

GM: Working today?
ME: Umm… no
GM: Day off?
ME: Kind of
GM: You working at the moment?
ME: Umm… no
GM: Wow – I’d love to not work (*ponders that for a second). Actually I’d get so bored. I’d get so bored not working – I couldn’t not work
ME: *smiles awkwardly while willing him to scan things faster so that I can leave, like, ASAP

Sometimes it’s easier to breeze over the truth to fit into the construct of other people’s reality. Even without being pregnant and actually working I don’t love explaining to people what I do – too many questions that usually ends up me being pigeon holed anyway.

In my pregnancy with Reuben I felt really insecure about not working. All of a sudden I went from this independent 24 year old with great clients and a healthy bank balance to being completely dependent on my partner. My job is weird – I can’t work when I’m pregnant… or not until I’m in that perfect pregnant window of 24-32 weeks where you can do maternity stuff (which I have finally entered… WOO HOO).

So I’m not doing that again – I’m not feeling insecure about not working.

Someone please explain to me how growing a baby, looking after a toddler, cultivating a loving home environment is not bloody work? And don’t even get me started on the washing. Mum’s (and some dad’s to be PC) are working all. the. time. people!!! We never stop!

So, man at the grocer – what I should have said to you is ‘yes, I’m working – I never stop. I’m working right now, and it’s exhausting!’


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