How many creams (can you fit) on your mantel?

POSTED October 27, 2016

How many creams (can you fit) on your mantel?

Maybe it’s a pregnancy thing, but I am using a different cream for different parts of my body – like different creams for different sections of my arm. Does anyone else do that?
Let me explain…

For general lubrication (I was going to use ‘moisturisation’ but it’s um, not a word) I use the one and only Khiel’s Creme de Corp. At $75 for a 500ml pump bottle it doesn’t come cheap, but the best things in life never do – do they? I also use a variety of Nivea so I don’t spend Reuben’s education fund on myself. I like the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream as it’s super quick to lather on and dry in the mornings.

For my upper arms I have been plagued with keratosis pilaris – an annoying pregnancy symptom that is pain free and purely a vanity thing. KP is also known as chicken arms because of the small pimple-like bumps that appear on your arms and sometimes upper legs and stomach. To combat this I take a variety of supplements, because most skin conditions are a reflection of what’s going on inside (I’ll talk about that more later). I’ve also been exfoliating with REN Moroccan Otto Sugar Body Polish every third night and using Skin Food by Weleda, which is a super rich cream that’s so thick it’s hard to squeeze out of the bottle.

Next is my belly, which is slowly becoming the largest surface area on my body. I got terrible stretch marks around my belly button at 38 weeks in my last pregnancy. Yes I was devastated and thought I would never wear a bikini again – but alas you get over it and they fade and you change your perspective on things like that – like, I grew a nine pound beef cake and that’s pretty awesome.
In any case, after consulting with my naturopath and doing some independent research, I found it doesn’t really matter what you put on your skin or how often – it all comes down to what’s going on inside.  To help strengthen skin elasticity I have been taking fish oil supplements and zinc. I’ve also been using a variety of different creams on my stomach, boobs, hips and upper back (basically anywhere near the baby) including the Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark CreamBio OilWeleda Stretch Mark Oil. I’ll use anything so let me know what you’re using!

I have been going through hand cream like it’s nobody’s bizness. Dry hands are something I deal with from cooking and having a toddler – a newly toilet trained toddler, so you can only image how much I’ve been washing… everything. Like a lot of things, this has been exacerbated by pregnancy
*upside down smiley face emoji*
I use Nivea Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream, or the Mecca Cosmetica Transformation Hand Cream is nice too – both have minimal scent.

Lastly, my feet. I have been using Heel Balm for my cracked heels – a lovely image I know. It works like a treat. I put socks on straight after to avoid splotches on our carpet and to ensure maximum absorption.