Slow Cooker: A Love Story

POSTED August 14, 2014

Slow Cooker: A Love Story

I bought a slow cooker about a month ago and it’s kind of changed my life. I am not exaggerating.

It may not be the sexiest appliance in the kitchen (resembling a submarine, or a sperm whale) but I have definitely found it the most useful of late.

So, where to begin?

Buying a slow cooker: on advice from friends and, we went with the 6L variety which is bloody massive, but has been useful for dinner parties and freezing leftovers (the alternative is a 4.5L).

We went with Sunbeam because said we should. ‘Nuff said.

Five reasons I love my slow cooker:

1. Economical: Cheaper cuts of meat are better for slow cooking and are nutrient dense – think chuck steak, brisket, lamb shanks, chicken thighs etc. You can also use less meat as the meat-y flavour permeats the whole dish so you can chock it up with veggies. TICK!

2. No butter or oil necessary: I am a biggg fan of healthy fats – hell, I eat them every day and attribute my post natal slim-down to a balanced diet of healthy fats, veg and protein (*paleo*). I do think that if you don’t need oil or butter or ghee or whatever you use because there are just suhhh many options these day – you shouldn’t use them. It’s easy to overload on too much good fat, so flying natural with the slow cooker is the way to go.

3. Dump n’ Dash: This is definitely one of my favourites – no more 6pm juggling act. It’s such a drainer hitting witching hour with the house in a shambles, bath time looming, and… crap! Dinner is nowhere in sight. Cue slow cooker. Yes, you have to be a little bit organised i.e: actually think about what’s for dinner before say, 5.45pm – but we can be organised!

4. The Baby Factor: Any dish that doubles as baby food gets a smiley nod from me. Simply blend or mush and you’re ready to go. Just watch the salt/stock/chilli.

5. Cleaning: Dishwasher. Need I say more?

I sound a little like an infomercial, but people, get around the slow cooker – you can thank me later!


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