So Many Vitamins

POSTED December 15, 2016

So Many Vitamins

When I think whether men could handle being pregnant – like if they were physiologically capable, how they would deal with it emotionally and mentally – I end up with a resounding NO.
This comes down to a few of things (which we shall explore at later date – some of them are mood dependent), but a big one is that they couldn’t handle swallowing so many vitamins.

So. Many. Vitamins.

Vitamins for preconception. Vitamins for the first trimester and different vitamins (ahem… more) for the second and third. And once the baby comes you then of course need vitamins to support breast feeding and get your body back into equilibrium.

Now, I am a confessed vitamin-er. Not the chemist or supermarket variety – the legit naturopath shit that costs more but I (and a lot of other woman) swear by. But even if you aren’t into supplements in your normal life, you can’t avoid it in pregnancy.

Let me paint you a picture of what my daily vitamin intake looks like (as instructed by an awesome naturopath)

HUGE BLACK prenatal vitamin twice a day
Fish oil twice a day
x2 calcium tablets
x2 vitamin B supplement
1/2 teaspoon vitamin C
Teaspoon magnesium

That’s twelve vitamins a day. At different times. Some with food. Some without food. Some you drink. Some you chew. All you swallow.

I don’t know about you, but most of the guys I know have to take vitamins individually and theatrically gag and choke for a bit. I on the other hand am like a dump truck pouring cement into a big black hole – just chuck ‘em all in and wash it down with one big gulp.

Yes, pregnancy is hard for a variety of reasons – and it’s lucky we get to do it ladies, for everyone’s sake.