POSTED May 08, 2014


I am truly happy and slightly (okay… VERY) envious of y’all who have gone through pregnancy and have been left with the same supple skin you originally had, but I was left with stretch marks. Lots of them.

At 38 weeks pregnant I woke up one morning and my precious baby bump that Ben and I had so diligently massaged with, like every ointment in the universe, now had purple cracks. Let me just emphasise that I was 38 weeks pregnant. As in two weeks out from my due date. As in, DEVASTATED.

I found myself angry and disappointed, but that feeling was soon replaced by feelings of exhaustion, joy and love for my newborn baby. I found myself not caring – my body was kinda ruined anyway, so what are a few stretch marks?

Fast forward nearly five months and I find myself caring. A lot.

I took to asking my friends skilled in all things beauty, and their answers? Bio oil. Rosehip oil. Jojoba oil. Blaaahhhhhhhh.

So now I’m road testing a few things. I think it’s crazy that there isn’t more of an open dialogue about an issue that the majority of woman face. The notion of ‘ah, yeh you got stretch marks – deal with it’ is crazy. I’m 25 years old and am determined to wear a bikini again, and hello it’s 2014 – we’re printing organs and there’s nothing for stretch marks? Pfft.

Stay tuned.


Image by Heidi Taillefer