We’re back!

POSTED October 18, 2016

We’re back!

After a long hiatus due to the ol’ work/life juggling act we’re back and pregnant again! Pregnancy #2 has been so different to when I was pregnant with Reuben – I feel a lot more in control and know (kind of) what to expect. I also know what not to do, like totally letting myself go and gaining 25kg+.

I’m now 21 weeks pregnant, which has sailed by. I’m ticking stuff off my to-do list before #2 comes – a massive one has been to toilet train Reuben. No small feat that I am still so proud of… him… I’m proud of him.

Some other things I’m doing differently:

- exercising (which I gave up last time from day dot because they suggest you limit exercise in the first trimester and it’s so. hard. almost. impossible. to. get. back. into. it.) by walking twice a week, going for a swim and seeing my trainer once a week

- clinical pilates/physio (which I didn’t realise was a thing women did until my OB finally saw the pain in my eyes at 34 weeks and sent me on my merry way)

- giving a crap about my appearance, because pregnant women can be sexy and feel confident even though there’s a hurricane of stuff happening neck down. I’ve opted to buy as little maternity stuff as humanly possible and just buy a size or two up – will post on the later.

- not treating pregnancy as a ‘condition’ as I felt last time – feeling excited and proud of what my body can do and actually taking time out for myself which is near impossible with an energetic toddler

The list goes on, but right now I’m feeling good! 18 weeks and two days to go… but who’s counting?

CK *initials have changed since I became a “Mrs” in Jan